Monday, April 19, 2010

Top Ten Things I Learned While Playing A Board Game Called "Battle Of The Sexes"

10. Guys are smarter than girls.

9. The game is a lot of fun until one of the teams starts winning.

8. No matter what questions the girls get, they think the guys' questions are too easy.

7. No matter what questions the guys get, they think the girls' questions are stupid.

6. If the girls guess Babe Ruth for every baseball-related question, they'll get 70% of them right.

5. Knowing that aubergine is an eggplant will cause girls to make fun of you.

4. I know more about celebrities than I do about power tools.

3. Someone playing against us thought that the "R" in NASA stood for "Redneck." (Think about that for a minute.)

2. Someone playing against us didn't know what the number on a bra size means.

1. I do know what the number on a bra size means. (But it was a lucky guess.)


Alex Getts said...

No worries on number 4; I'm the same way!

Jill said...

Ha ha.

Jill said...

Oh, and I thought you said NASCAR, not NASA. In which case I would be right.