Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breaking And Entering And Being A Man

I found out yesterday that it's quite easy to break into my house.  I had my garage door opener, but not my house key when I got home.  And my wife wasn't home yet.  And it was raining.  And it was H-O-T (thanks Texas).  So I didn't want to sit in the garage or sit in my car and waste gas.  So I figured I'd try the credit card lock-picking trick.

I grabbed my Men's Wearhouse membership card because I figured whatever I was about to try would surely ruin the card.  And so far, the only time I've used my Men's Wearhouse membership card was to scrape some gummy bears off the tile in the kitchen.  So it wouldn't be a big loss when I inevitably ruined the card.

But much to my great surprise, I was able to jimmy the lock open in less than 15 seconds.  I rewarded myself with three mini chocolate donuts (okay, six donuts) and a little bit of video game time (okay, nine donuts).  I then added "Broke into my own home." to the list I started recently called 'Manly Activities I've Performed'.  It's now on there with "Replaced EGR valve on my Grand Caravan Corvette." and "Jump-kicked a tiger shark."

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