Monday, July 12, 2010

By The Light Of A Full Moon

My older brother told me a funny story the other day. He recently started a new job and is still getting used to how everything works around his new office. So he went to the bathroom and, as he usually does, he took his sweet time. No use in rushing, right? Then, after about ten minutes the lights turned off. And he didn't hear anyone come in. So he thought maybe there was a power outage. So he finished by the light of his cell phone and went to wash his hands. It was at that point that the lights turned back on. In fact, they turned on the moment he exited the stall. That's when he realized that the lights were on a motion-sensor timer to conserve energy. And someone (who probably weighs 110 pounds) had made the decision that ten minutes was enough time for any human being to finish their duties (pronounced "doodies").

So it happened again the next day and my older brother tried throwing a roll of toilet paper over the stall door toward the light switch. And apparently, his aim is terrible when it's pitch-black and he's sitting on a toilet. So the first time he tried to throw it, it bounced off and hit him in the face. And the second time it just didn't register with the motion-sensor (it's probably been calibrated to ignore flying toilet paper). Then he realized he could open the stall door from a sitting position and wave his hand out about an inch. And that did it. But now every time he goes number two at work, he's gonna have to wave in the dark in order to continue. And knowing his luck, someone will walk in one day just as he's opening the stall door. And that will be super awkward. Especially if he's still the new guy.


AFWingMom said...

Ummm.... ::: muffled giggles ::: that would be super awkward to be walked in on. Maybe you could get like one of those rulers that you can fold up and attach a glove filled with cotton or something and when you go you can unfold the ruler and just periodically wave it to keep the light on.

Taylor said...

Thanks AFWingMom. I'll be sure to pass that tip on to my older brother. Because clearly this is not a story about me. Obviously.

Lynnette said...

A few months ago, our son went to the restroom at a chiropractic office and locked the door (still being of the age that he shouldn't have gone alone, nor locked the door). The light is on a sensor, like the one you mentioned. He was in there long enough waiting for someone to wipe him (remember the door is locked) that the light went off. He was not of the mind to throw toilet paper at the lightswitch. Instead he cried until Daddy heard him, at which point Daddy realized that establishment doesn't have a key for their bathroom door. Thankfully, the trauma of being locked in a dark bathroom alone was far outweighed by how cool it was that Daddy opened the door with a credit card.