Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Like Working For This New, Smaller Company

10. I don't have to hoard office supplies or plastic forks and hide them from people like some weird homeless person anymore. They keep the kitchen and supply cabinet fully stocked at all times.

9. My new employer uses Quilted Northern instead of Discount Supplier Toilet Tissue A.

8. We have a color printer (that I just know will prove useful for something at some point!).

7. I can park 10 feet from the entrance (don't act like you didn't know I was lazy).

6. I learned everybody's names by the second day.

5. My work computer has iTunes, iMovie, and a bunch of cool Mac stuff I'll soon have at home (not that I would use any of those at work, but I can see the icons!).

4. I get an hour lunch now (I've always taken an hour for lunch, but now I'm not 15 minutes late every time).

3. No internet content blocking (I watched a Microsoft tutorial video on YouTube, that's the only reason I know that).

2. Everyone in the company has met me personally, so I won't get any emails where a random coworker from a different department uses "ma'am" in a response to me. And then I won’t have to awkwardly explain that I'm a dude. And then I won’t receive another email that says, "My bad! I really thought you were a girl! I guess Taylor could be a guy's name too!"

1. I'm wearing white athletic socks with dress shoes and slacks. But I'm a "Database Specialist" now, so it's not weird.

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AFWingMom said...

Well that's awesomeness to the extreme. I really like the "non-hoarding" part. In the past I've experienced a similar hoarding tendency and it's a very "free-ing" experience to be able to toss a plastic fork in the trash without a care. Oh wait - I mean the recycle bin, right?