Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Random Stuff

My older brother owned a car a few years ago that had a malfunction in the horn.  For about three weeks, every time he took a left turn, his horn honked.  And it wasn't a simple "excuse-me-I-don't-think-you-saw-me-kind-sir" honk.  It was a "you're-the-single-most-incompetent-driver-in-the-history-of-automobiles-and-yes-that-includes-old-people-and-Lindsay-Lohan" kind of a honk.  So it almost got him in trouble a few times.  Although he did lose some weight while it was doing that, because he was too afraid to go to a drive-thru.

The directory of employees at work includes an entry for each person for "cake flavor."  This is so we can arrange for that cake to be available when the person's birthday comes around.  We have one guy who works remotely, so he's not here on his birthday.  So either as a joke, or as a treat for all of us, he put his cake flavor as "Eskimo pie."  Now I'm getting really excited for November 16th!

One of my coworkers called me a "pro" today because of how well I did during a client meeting.  I was thrilled.  Then ten minutes later I told him we should settle an argument with a dance-off, and he didn't laugh.  Not so thrilled about that.

Trivia question: What did Dwight call Creed in The Office episode called "The Injury"?  It was the one where Dwight crashed his car and got a concussion when he went to pick up Michael, who grilled his foot.
(For the answer, turn this page upside-down.  Just kidding, you can read the entire episode transcript here.  The answer is about half-way down the page.)


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See that's the issue that I'm having at my new place. Nobody really laughs at my funny comments. Admittedly, sometimes my humor is a beat offbeat but it's really awkward when they just stare at me after I've said something funny. If you find a cure please let me know.