Thursday, May 13, 2010

All In A Day's Work

I sent my department manager some pictures of my adorable children. I'm not really friends with her. In fact, I barely know her. But I figured it can't hurt to have them staring down at her from her office wall when she has to decide who to lay off next month.

And I'm doing all I can to stay employed. I'm keeping my head down and working hard. I'm using shortcuts and tricks on my PC to do work for me. And most importantly, I'm not sharing those shortcuts or tricks with anyone else. That way, I am consistently on a quicker pace than everyone else by comparison. And that's a big gold star on my performance record at work.

Because (cue big booming voice) IN THIS ECONOMY, I can't afford just to be average. And I'm not going to leave it to eeny, meeny, miney fired. So I'll continue doing what I can to make sure they see me as an efficient, no-nonsense worker. Which means this blog post is taking too long. Back to work!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody is trying a little too hard...if you know what I mean.

Taylor said...

I literally have no idea what you mean.