Monday, May 17, 2010


Whenever I play the game "Would You Rather?" I always think I do really well. I think through it logically, and I always have a good reason for my choice. And if you'd asked me if I'd rather sprain my ankle and be on crutches for five weeks or jam my right index finger so bad that I'd think it's broken for 7 days, I would have made the obvious choice. I'd much rather jam my finger than be unable to walk under my own power for a month.

And now that I've jammed my finger as described above, I can honestly say I'd rather lose the ability to walk for a while. Because once the sprain is done hurting, you just have to stay off of it and you're done. Just a little inconvenience and that's it. But I work with a computer for every part of my job. So everything I do involves typing or clicking a mouse. Which means my stupid finger hurts every 4 seconds. And I keep forgetting it's hurt. So I'll double-click and then wince. Then I'll type in a number and wince some more.

And I want to write more in this post, but it hurts. So I quit.


AFWingMom said...

I hate it when stuff like that happens. It's like every move you make involves that finger. Frustrating to say the least....

Jeska said...

My favorite is stubbing a toe, then trying to walk around extra carefully... and stubbing it three more times.

mike said...

Umm, I remember when you were on crutches a few years ago. It was not fun for you. Finally, got you to a doctor and put a cast on. Right?
Is my memory correct?