Friday, May 28, 2010

Most People Won't Understand This Reference

I'm working on a day when there's not many other people working in my building. Everyone was allowed to load up on hours in the first half of the week so they could have a four-day Memorial Day weekend. But I got approved for 10 hours of overtime, and I couldn't squeeze it all into four weekdays. So I'm in a building with 6 floors and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here. There was no security guard, no elevator traffic, and all the lights are off. It's really weird.

I don't know if anybody ever saw the movie, The Langoliers. But I feel like I'm in that movie. The air seems stale in here. And there's not a sound or a movement anywhere. (And Bronson Pinchot is yelling at no one and I think he might stab a blind girl.)

Anyway, I'm freaking myself out now. If I hear an ominous crunching noise in the distance, I'm getting out of here.


Alex Getts said...

"We've been diverted to some tin... pot airport in the middle of nowhere! And I have more important things to think about than scaring a little girl! "

Landry said...

They're all waiting for you Mr. Toomy.

Work Place Mess With You Guy said...

Next time I know you're working by yourself, I'm going to come up to the office and mess with you.