Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who's On First

One of my older brothers has made messing with people an art form. He doesn't even have to plan ahead anymore. He just goes for it. Here's an example I witnessed the other day that involved my older brother and a coworker:

Brother: "Okay, I'm going to say some texting abbreviations and you tell me what they mean.... B-R-B."
Coworker: "That's Be Right Back."
Brother: "Okay, B-T-W."
Coworker: "By The Way."
Brother: "I-D-K."
Coworker: "I Don't Know."
Brother: "Ha! Stumped you!"
Coworker: "No. I. Don't. Know."
Brother: "I know. I stumped you."
Coworker: "No! I-D-K. I Don't Know."
Brother: "Well look it up and tell me what it means, then."

One person ended up impossibly frustrated. The other ended up super-proud of himself for setting such an easy trap. The coworker is an idiot, so I don't really feel any pity in this instance. But I am proud of my brother for pulling that one off.

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