Monday, May 10, 2010

A Little Too Quiet

With my sister getting married this past weekend, I expected to have a ton of "older brother" stories to share. My family getting together in large groups usually lends itself to embarrassing moments and bad decisions. But throughout the entire weekend, I couldn't find a single moment that stood out as a moment-ruiner. We had a few close calls, but nothing strikingly stupid or robustly ridiculous. One of my older brothers prepared a bride-specific limerick for the occasion. But when he asked if he could read it, my sister answered with a simple, "No." And he obliged. Which, to be honest, was out of character for him. And when the officiant asked, "Who gives this woman?" my father responded without a British accent and without any silly antics. So that was surprising.

In fact, the only thing that happened that I would normally share here was my son showing everyone his outstanding (genetically-inherited) dance moves. I don't have a copy of the video yet, but it will be on YouTube as soon as I do. He was busting moves left and right. I think if any of the guests knew his name, they would have been chanting it. He even got in a dance-off with the groom. They each attempted to copy the other's moves. Then my son decided to literally dance circles around him. That's when he won. It was adorable and awesome.

So, no embarrassing moments to ruin my sister's big day. No rain, no crisis, no problems at all. And only one casualty*. Overall, a very good wedding weekend.

*The flowergirl, my daughter, fell and busted her lip 30 seconds before the ceremony. So she finished her duties with a fat lip and a blood-stained dress. My joke of the night was, "You should see the other baby."


Jill said...

Pah-leeeze get a video of that.

mike said...

It was a beautiful wedding, wasn't it.

Mom again