Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Like Working At An Engineering Firm Even Though I'm An English Major

10. I am by far the most athletic person here.

9. In a sea of men wearing short-sleeved dress shirts with pens in their pockets, my polo shirt island is awesome.

8. I am by far the coolest person here.

7. Robot jokes are cool again.

6. I am given very specific directions for my job, down to the tiniest detail. That makes it pretty hard to mess anything up.

5. No stupid people. (Okay, just a few stupid people.)

4. I post one Dilbert comic on my cubicle wall, and I've immediately made 246 friends.

3. I finally understand why my father is the way he is.

2. Blogging is the least dorky thing being done right now in my building.

1. If we lose power, the clock on the microwave is reset within minutes.


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Funny post today! I like robot jokes too.

Jill said...

#2 is hilarious and probably very true.