Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When I can use technology to do something cool or fun, I feel really young. I can stream Netflix on my computer, my phone, my Wii, and my Xbox 360. That makes me feel young. But other times, it makes me feel old. Like today, I downloaded an app on my iPhone called "Stealth Tone" that only young people can hear. And I can only hear it when I put it right up to my ear. And I can only barely hear it. That makes me feel old.

But what I really dread is going home to my family and testing it on them. I know my kids will hear it. But I'm terrified that my wife will hear it way better than me because she's younger than me by a year and a half. I know that's ridiculous. But I can't help it. If she can hear it loud and clear and I have to hold it up to my ear like a grandpa, I'm gonna cry.

The only solace I take is that old people wouldn't understand the second sentence in this post. So I guess I'm not old. But I don't like those little instances where I feel my youth slipping away.

On a lighter note, we finally got Netflix! I watched Star Trek on my phone during lunch yesterday and then finished it on my laptop last night! And I'm also gonna watch Mythbusters and Man Vs. Food and Big Bang Theory and all the movies that I missed because my wife doesn't like nerdy stuff. It's gonna be awesome!


Katie said...

Had to break my silence so you wouldn't be disappointed. Big Bang Theory is only available on DVD, so you can't stream it instantly. I know, I was upset too. But, the anticipation of each disc makes it worthwhile!

Taylor said...


Kathleen said...

I hope your wife doesn't read your blog because if she does, she's totally going to fake that she can hear that tone loud and clear.