Monday, January 24, 2011

Well Played, Indeed

One of my older brothers (no, not the weird one… no, not the angry one) really likes messing with people. I've probably mentioned this a few (37) times on this blog. But his latest Facebook exploits are priceless. This is what I saw yesterday:

Brother's status: "This is so cool! Facebook blocks you from typing your password when you comment! Check it out: ********* How awesome is that security feature?!"

I know my brother too well to believe that. Plus, I only make comments on Facebook when absolutely necessary (grammar mistakes by adults). So I didn't fall for it. But the first person to comment was the best. Because he really sold it:

Facebook Accomplice: "*******"
Facebook Accomplice: "That's awesome. It only changes after you click 'Post'."

And that's when other people started falling for it:

Facebook Victim 1: "whosthere"
Facebook Victim 2: "ilovecheesetoomuch"
Facebook Victim 2: "You jerk! Now I have to change my password!"
Facebook Victim 1: "Well played. Good thing my password isn't as embarrassing as his^^^."

I thought it was pretty clever. I might try it in a few months to see if I can trick anybody.