Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shh! It's A Secret!

So my older brother started a secret blog. It's basically where he rants about stupid people in his life. Family, friends, coworkers… you name it. He mocks people relentlessly and calls them names and stuff like that. I'm not sure he even cares about gaining a following. I think he just wants to vent. And I've read some of his posts. He's not really holding back. It's pretty intense. If you were the target of the post, you'd probably have to stop being friends with him because it would be obvious that he hates you.

Well, he forbade me from telling anyone we both know that he's doing it. He doesn't want to end friendships because of a blog post. He's intense, not crazy. (Okay, a little crazy… but not psychotic.) And I think I'm the only person he's personally given the URL to. And I'll honor his wishes on that. I don't want to essentially end his friendships with people by letting them read his angry diatribes about them.

But what I really learned about my older brother in all this is that he doesn't hate me. Because if you think about it, he would never give me access to the place he keeps all his personal angry rants if one of them was going to be about me. So I took pride in that. Of all his friends, family, and coworkers, he's absolutely positive that he won't be blogging about me. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (like a Furby with a fever).

Of course the alternative explanation is that he has another blog entirely dedicated to how much he hates me, and the blog he gave me is just a misdirect to keep me from finding out how much he loathes me and what his plan is to murder me. So let's hope he just doesn't hate me.

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