Friday, January 14, 2011

Love Means Never Having To Say You're Wrong!

Three days ago, I posted about my And1 slip-on shoes and how I like them.  Well, I'm wearing them at work today as a testament to how functional they still can be.  And I remembered very suddenly this morning why I stopped wearing these shoes 10 years ago.  You see, when I walk on carpet, it feels like I'm walking on Crisco-coated glass.  And on linoleum, it sounds like I'm walking on latex.

So I almost fell down when I walked towards my desk at 8:00 this morning because there isn't any traction on my soles.  And when I walked through the breakroom to get coffee, it sounded like I had a terribly loud "gas leak."

But there was a reason I wore these today.  I'm proving to my wife that I should keep them.  And I will not accept that they're unwearable.  So no amount of falling down or perceived flatulence could deter me from proving my point.  Let my coworkers think I'm a big, farting klutz!  I don't care!  It's worth it to avoid being wrong again (and they probably already thought that).  So I'll keep wearing these ridiculous shoes.  And I'll keep standing for what I believe in (as long as I can keep my footing).


Anonymous said...

I LOLed again!!


Elizabeth said...

That is hilarious and you should SERIOUSLY throw those shoes away. Mostly because they are hideous.

Thanks for making me laugh out loud at work! :D