Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is There A Manly Fairy?

Knowing you're in your last days at a job is very liberating.  I don't have the pressure of trying to impress anyone anymore.  And there are limited repercussions for a slower performance.  My employer knows I'm searching for a new job and since I'm being laid off, they're very understanding of that process.  So there's a considerable drop in the amount of work I'm expected to do now.  And that's kinda nice.

The downside is that I'm having to fight off a lot of impulses that I've never had before.  I've found myself wanting to sit down in the elevator just to see what people will do.  And I really want to start passing out my leftover office supplies like a giant Supply Fairy (or the manly equivalent of a fairy).  And as I was walking down the hall a few minutes ago, I was only barely able to stop myself from pulling the fire alarm.  It was a little scary when I consider how close I actually came to doing it.  Only two things stopped me: 1) no matter how upset I am about being laid off, my coworkers don't deserve that and 2) I don't want to walk down four flights of stairs and go outside (it hit 93 degrees today).

But the one bold thing I allowed myself to do was talk back to the big boss that I'm scared of.  He said something in our weekly meeting yesterday that I happened to know was incorrect.  So for the first time ever, I spoke up and told him the way it really was.  I wasn't rude (I'm not crazy), but I made my points clear and made a suggestion for how to proceed.  The (slightly) good news is that my suggestion included extending my position for a week, and he agreed to it.  So my job is still over this month, but now I'm being laid off on the 25th instead of the 18th.  Go me.


thisamericantourist said...

When I thought I was going to drop out of college, I burned my parking pass. When it turned out that I wasn't going to drop out of college, just change majors, I stood in line for nearly an hour, waiting to pay for a replacement. In this, discretion is a virtue. And look! It got you a tiny silver lining!

Jenny Murff said...

An extra week?!? Maybe you can talk back again next week... :)