Friday, June 18, 2010

"Wait 'Til I Get Going! Where Was I?"

I have a laptop fund that I've been building for six months now.  And it's almost entirely comprised of survey money and eBay profits.  Most of it comes in Amazon gift card code format, so I just add it to my account.  And what I've done with the non-Amazon money is convert it into Amazon money by purchasing gift cards with whatever I make.  I've put a stop to that for the time being because I can't afford to be putting real money into Amazon when I'm about to be out of work.  But I'm still inching ever closer to my goal of a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

But yesterday I realized something.  The proverbial wrench in my proverbial gears.  The 27-inch iMac is cheaper than the MacBook Pro that I want.  And it's faster.  And it has a bigger hard drive.  And it has a (much) bigger screen.  And it has better graphics.  So the smart-shopper/patient-saver in me say, "Why don't you just get the bigger, better, awesomer computer for less money, stupid?!"  But the main reason I wanted a laptop was for the portability.  A laptop would go anywhere.  We could rent a redbox movie and watch it in bed.  We could update our coupon spreadsheet Facebook profile in the front seat of our minivan Corvette.  I can stream America's Funniest Home Videos in my recliner while my wife watches Glee (or whatever soul-stealing musical program is available on live TV).  And we could do none of that stuff with an iMac.

The words of the Dread Pirate Roberts keep echoing in my mind. ("We are at an impasse.") I don't feel like I'd be making a smart decision by paying extra for the portability by giving up the strength of the iMac.  But the whole point of getting a laptop computer was that I could use it on the top of my lap.  Then there's the argument that it's not money I'm spending out of pocket, so I'm not making a bad financial decision by picking the laptop.  (Clearly, I have a dizzying intellect.)


Lindalou said...

I had the same argument with myself in December. I had decided I wanted a MacBook Pro, but when I got to the store and saw the lovely iMac that gave me second thoughts.

How did I decide:
1. The iMac is newer technology. The MacBook Pro is older and I think about ready for a refresh. (Just a feeling I have).
2. We discussed how I use my computer and I like to have my computer at the ready (on) and I find I prefer to go to my computer desk rather than sit with a computer on my lap. (They usually get very warm too.)
3. I got an iPod touch to help with portable communications

I say this all from my iMac (21.5 inch screen....which is just beautiful).

I completely understand your dilemma

AFWingMom said...

I lean toward the laptop. Portability is key for me. I have to be able to access farmville from anywhere or else I get a little crazy. Okay - I'm a little crazy anyway but you know what I mean. Lindalou I am not flaming BUT I have some thoughts on your responses:
1. Okay I have no comeback for this because it's one of my underlying (and somewhat paralyzing) fears. Just like I got the 3Gs because it was the "newest" 4g is here. What the crap should I do now? I want the "newer" phone...will I ever be satisfied? That's what she said....bwaahaahaa. Sorry. Back to my comebacks...
2. Of course that's how you're used to using it because that's how you're using it now, right? I was used to using my computer too but once I got my laptop, well, I got used to that. I use mine on a tv stand. They sell stands specifically for laptops and at BB&B they have little dinner tray type things you can put your laptop on. And yes they do get warm but you buy a cooling pad for that.
3. How much is the iPod touch? I still like having my laptop for the portability factor.
4. Oh wait - you didn't have a four but I've had two mimosas so here we go!
I've debated on purchasing an Mac laptop then the iPad came out and I've thought which one do I want? I haven't begun researching and my current laptop and iPhone combo is working out just fine but I think I need something and then it becomes a fixation. I am sticking w/ what I've got and working on my 4g jealousy issues....
Good luck with your decision which my ramblings may have hampered.

Kathleen said...

Definitely go for the portability. I would hate life without my laptop. 'Course you could save up for both, but perhaps you would need Miracle Max for that.

Landry said...

I didn't even want to comment but my verification word was track. I can't believe they actually gave a real word. I had to let the world know.

AFWingMom said...

and we thank you for sharing your verification word. I feel somehow comforted and concerned at the same time.