Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is This A Glitch In The Matrix Or Have I Said This Before?

I'm really bad about telling the same stories over and over again. Most of my friends will just react as if they've never heard it. Most of my family will just politely stop me and remind me that I've already told them about my diving catch in left field in fourth grade. But my older brother will pretend he's never heard the story and then nonchalantly predict what happens next. He almost had me convinced he was psychic one time because he knew every twist in my elaborate story. Then I realized he'd heard it so I changed it up to make him look like an idiot.

And now I'm thinking I may have already blogged about this. I have trouble remembering. So if I've already said this on here, sorry. Just play along.

And what's weird is that the opposite is kinda true, too. Sometimes, I won't tell a story or a joke because I simply assume I've already told it. Sorta like a false deja vu. There's no telling how many stories and jokes my friends have missed out on because I thought they already knew them.

P.S. - The reason my posts are so short nowadays is because I'm afraid of spending too much time blogging at work. They lay people off around here a lot and now is not a good time to stick my neck out. But to make it sound cooler (and not lame), I'm gonna call it "guerrilla blogging."

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Jeska said...

Better than gorilla blogging.