Friday, June 25, 2010

Mac Attack

I've made my decision.  After careful consideration and great advice and insight from both sides of the argument, I've settled on getting the MacBook Pro as soon as I have the money.  It pains me to lose the power and size of the iMac, but I can't argue with the portability.  But I've also decided on a compromise.  I've decided that I want both of them now too.  So as soon as I purchase the MacBook, I'll start saving for the iMac.  And as a side note, donations are welcomed (just kidding - I'll accept them, but they won't be welcomed).

Now I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking, "He doesn't know what I'm thinking!"  But you're wrong.  Also, you're probably thinking what I'm afraid most people will think; that I'm a pretentious Apple addict who has no real reason to get these things except his juvenile desire to have a cool new toy that lights up.  And in this case, you're probably right.  But I'm really afraid that people will visit my house and see my MacBook, my iPhone, my iMac, my Blu-ray player and my other gadgets and assume that I'm one of those people.  (you know... a yuppie).  But it's not true!  The only one of those things that I paid for was the iPhone and only because it was half price!  And I don't want people to think I'm like that.  The real reason I have stuff like that is because I'm too cheap to buy it!  If anything, I want people to think, "Wow, Taylor has a full head of hair!"  But that's not likely, so I'll settle for, "Wow Taylor's really frugal.  Look at all the cool stuff he didn't have to pay for!"


Jenny Murff said...

We are an Apple family. iphones, iMacs, Macbook, apple get the picture. Congrats on your decision! Oh, and your new job!!

AFWingMom said...

so yeah ~ I'm totally taking donations for my iPhone 4 coveting account. There I said it....I covet anyone else's iPhone 4.

So what's the new job? I thought you were still interviewing?

Taylor said...

Spoiler Alert, Jenny!